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The popularity of a particular sport
The first signs of Futbol or in English terms, “Soccer” were dated to have started during the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC; the Chinese would kick a leather ball around. Now the modern-day soccer is credited to Britain. The modern day Soccer is the number one sport watched, and played, worldwide. How did it become so famous you ask? And how is it that so many people participate in the sport? Soccer has and is to this day still growing stronger all around Earth.
One focal point that keeps soccer on the top of the list is the TV coverage. With more and more growing television networks, comes more audience. This makes tournaments and soccer leagues like the MLS soccer league, or the English premier league, more accessible. Yet these tournaments and leagues have nothing compared to the World Cup in ratings. A tournament that only happens every four years, and is always played in a different country every time. The World Cup in 2010 was played in South Africa, and had nearly half of Earth’s population tuned at home watching history at the making. The TV coverage reached over 3.2 billion people around the world, that’s 46% of Earth’s population. This is one example of how soccer has reached its popularity.
Do you know why soccer is the number one played sport worldwide? Because it is one of the cheapest sports out there. All you need is a soccer ball, shin guards and either grass or an unoccupied street. Just about any surface will do really. You can either play with cleats, shoes, or barefoot. All of which depend on the field you play in. unlike other sports, which require masks, protective pads and much more, this one has only a few ways of contact making all those requirements easily avoidable. It’s a team sport, so in technicality, if you ever feel in danger all you have to do is simply pass the ball to another team mate. Not only will you continue with ball possession, but you are more likely to progress on the field, and at the same time have that danger lured elsewhere. Soccer like many other sports for athletic enthusiasts, is stress relieving. It keeps you focused on a less problematic situation. Although not all sports are like that, for example you have hockey, not only do you have to focus on winning, but your also always constantly getting hit, where it be with the hockey puck, or getting checked by the opposing team. Soccer in the end is very inexpensive, where it be for a travel team, or just a recreational team, in total you are wasting an average of $50, compared to American