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January 24, 2013 Position Paper

A serial procrastinator is what I am. I have been told that I will be late to my own funeral. It does not matter how much time in advance that something is told to me. I will always wait to the last minute to do it. If I have to turn something in by a certain time I can almost guarantee it is going to be late. This paper for instance is already late, but I feel like I do best work under pressure. Before reading, “Composing Behaviors of One and Multi-Draft Writers” by Muriel Harris, I would classify myself as a one draft writer simply because I do not have time to write multiple drafts. Although, I feel like I fit into characteristics of both types of writer, but writing one paper and correcting it as I go is the way for me. Harris believes in two classifications of writer. The two classes are one draft and multi-draft writers. Although both types of writer will turn in an accurate paper, the process of the papers completion is different. Multi-draft writers will do a lot of brainstorming and organization of thoughts on paper. This process may include lots of papers with different thoughts and ideas written on them until one main focus is reached, and a specific direction is realized. “Independent of how much planning they do or pre-text they compose, they continue to revise after they have transcribed words onto paper” (172). This quote is a description of a multi draft writer. One draft writer internalizes their thought process and organizes the thoughts while writing or typing. One draft writers are less likely to write out their ideas not unless given specific instruction to write, because their thoughts and plans are already formulated in their head. “Their planning is so complete that their texts generally emerge in a single draft with minor, if any, editing as they write” (171). One draft writers could be considered lazy, because writing and rewriting is a process that they can do without, because it is time consuming. One draft writers think about their task and then do it all in one sitting. I could be a one draft writer according to some of the characteristics that Harris describes in her essay, but I could also be a multi draft writer based on the characteristics of the other. Since I wait to the last minute to do my work multiple drafts are