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Professor Abraham
April 15, 2013
Author, UFO hunter, and lecturer Dave Hunt has a unique perspective on paranormal phenomenon, specifically when it comes to hypnosis. He describes a situation where a person is under hypnosis and it is suggested to him that there is a cat laying in his lap. He can feel, hear, and see the cat. The practitioner then tells the "cat" to scratch the person's face and brings him out of the hypnotic state. Eerily, scratch marks appear on the person's cheek. Mr. Hunt explains, "A nonphysical object under right conditions can leave physical evidence. I think it’s demonic. It’s a spiritual power of some kind for which there is no physical explanation" (The UFO Conspiracy). There are verified cases like this one of unexplained experiences. These are thought to be the work of spiritual entities that exist in an alternate dimension. Drawing on scientific research from different paranormal experiences, there is a strong case for the existence of the supernatural--the existence of angels and demons, and also the existence of God. The information provided in the following paragraphs will attest to such.

There are countless well-documented cases of paranormal experiences known as UFO abductions. These happenings have left many of the participants shaken and greatly disturbed. They recount stories of losing consciousness, being experimented on in a spaceship, telepathic communication, temporary psychosis, etc. (The UFO Conspiracy). In order to better grasp the horror that many of these encounters induced, a few examples will prove worthwhile.

The following is the account of Steven Poleskie, a farmer in Pennsylvania. On the evening of October 25th, 1973, Steven and 15 other people saw a glowing orb hovering outside of his home. When Steven went out to investigate, he saw two gangly figures with green eyes, walking along the fence. They smelled like burnt rubber. Steven fired shots from his rifle over their heads to try to scare them off but they kept coming towards him. He then began to fire directly at them. The creatures then disappeared into the forest and the orb vanished into thin air. A little while later, a state trooper and UFO investigators arrived where witnesses told them that Steven had been roaming around the property growling like an animal and waving his arms erratically. At one point, the witnesses recounted that when Steven's dog barked at him, Steven attacked his own dog. Steven eventually collapsed and slowly came back to reality. During this whole experience, the 15 witnesses also described a putrid smell of sulfur that pervaded the area (The UFO Conspiracy). Steven's tirade sounds quite similar to symptoms of "demonomania" or demon possession (Kindell 66) as described in the Bible. Is it possible these "aliens" are actually spiritual entities that manifest in a variety of different forms? First appearing as interplanetary visitors and then entering Steven as a human host?

Consider one other UFO visitation: Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker were out fishing on October 11th, 1973 when suddenly a large spacecraft descended in front of them. Parker passed out and Hickson became paralyzed. However, Hickson was still able to watch what was going on. Two beings exited the "spaceship" and took Hickson into their craft where they gave him an examination. After this, the entities placed Hickson back with his companion on the bank of the river. The two fishermen went to the sheriff's office to report what happened to them. After the officers interrogated them, they left them in a room with an open microphone. It was obvious from what was recorded that the men were both very frightened by this ordeal. Hickson, in fact, was so disturbed from his encounter, that he suffered a nervous breakdown (The UFO Conspiracy). These creatures, whatever they may be, seem to have tremendous power over the mind as well as the body.

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