Essay on Poverty in America

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Isamari Orozco
Audrey Pamela Bynoe
Composition I
March 13, 2014
Causes and Effects of violence in America
Now a days, people just do not care anymore. From being rude in class because they are too careless about everything, to murders and rapists not just at U.S, but all around the world. Thoughtout time, violence between each other is sadly becoming more common in many places and countries, and between more ethnic groups. It happens not only at home, but violence is also getting popular at High Schools, and other public places.
America has a problem: America loves violence. For example, we enjoy watching movies that include violence, kids love violent video games, and youth even adults cheer when there are fights in public places. We obviously have a violence problem in America. There are many different causes of violence in America such as race, hate, religion, revenge, relationships, rovery, weapons, drugs and alcohol. Today’s society has become more involved in each of those things and it is making our future become more violent. Mental problems is also in the mix. For example, The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in December 2012 left 27 people dead. 20 of the victims were little kids. Suspect must have serious mental disorder to have a heart to be able to kill all those inoffensive kids. Did he realize what he was doing, or did he truly had no control over his actions? There is no explanation to such an awful event. Circumstances can often push a person over their limits who is “on the edge” with situations in their life.Could it been cause from a broken family? Frustration? Also, another popular cause of violence now a days is what young kids learn through their childhood, and while they are young adults. Children growing up with violence are at risk of mental frustration. Learning to trust their parents is what kids are primarily doing during their first years of life. Trust provides a solid foundation for appropriate learning and helps for self-confidence and self-esteem of the kid in their future. It is in the parents hands to show caring to their child and enough love surrounding. Parents may not give a proper care and that is when young kids start to not feel safe and