Poverty In America Essay

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Everyone in the world has an opinion, judgment, and perspective on an issue that happens in the world every day. For example, one guy may support the recent issue of police brutality (I hope not), and many people are against that issue that threatens our country. There are even many viewpoints on poverty. For example, before I took this course I thought poverty was mostly an African American issue with few Whites and Latin Americans below the poverty line. However, I was wrong in that majority of the people that this issue has affected are white people. I also thought that the government is to blame for this issue: public housing needed to be affordable to everyone, including the people in the lower income neighborhoods. I was right after reading …show more content…
Also like many African-Americans, most of them will end up dead or in jail by the same government system that is supposed to take care of its people, if help is not suggested or thought of when the time comes for helping those below the poverty line.
Media, T.V., books all depict the same thing. The US is the world’s superpower. Poverty is an African American issue that they need to figure out for themselves. My question is this: How are they supposed to help themselves if the government only helps a certain amount of people that know about the benefits of being poor? The government, according to the Constitution as well as A Call for National Service by E.J. Dionne, should provide assistance to the people that need it the most to better this country for the greater good. How come European nations have a lower poverty rate than the US? America has better technology, more resources, the largest economy, the world’s best colleges, the best currency, and the top global brands, but the US still has the most debt and is one of the leaders in poverty by country (Washington Post). How is