Pregnancy and Prenatal Development Essay

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The first topic that I’ve chosen from this module is Prenatal Development and the Newborn. Prenatal development describes the time from which a baby is conceived until the moment it is welcomed into the world. There are three main stages that a baby goes into while in the womb: The Germinal Stage, The Embryonic Stage, and the Fetal Stage. While these stages of development are going on, the baby can be affected by various teratogens. These teratogens can result in different birth defects that can include eyesight and hearing problems. Many different things can cause teratogens, including smoking, drinking, or doing drugs while pregnant. I can apply what I’ve learned from this topic into my own life because one day I want to have a child, but also I want to be a responsible parent. Having all of the knowledge about how many choices that a mother makes while pregnant can affect their child’s entire life is good knowledge to have. The second topic that I’ve chosen is Social Development in Childhood. Social development includes the ability to identify emotions in yourself and others and regulate emotional responses. Also, children develop the ability to have meaningful relationships with others. Developmental psychologists have known that an infant’s first experience with love is between an infant and his mother or caregiver. Most parents hope to raise children who will eventually become independent. In Harry Harlow’s experiment, he showed that a secure attachment during infancy and childhood is build when parents offer comfort to their children. This topic can be applied to my life because when I was a child I suffered from separation anxiety with my mother. It lasted up until I was around 7 years old. In the first grade, I bonded with my teacher and that helped me to want to go to school more than stay home with my mother. So, slowly, I grew out of it and now am more than fine when I need to separate from my mother. The final topic that I’ve selected from this module is Adolescence. Adolescence is