Essay on Prejudices and Stereotypes

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1. Have noticed about myself , that to some extent I have some prejudices 2. Learned about the Mexican americans and how they became apart of the US, not by immigrating to this country but by being here already 3. Whites wil no longer by the physical majority. There has been so much inter marriage amongs races and ethnic groups. 4. I would hope it would be a challenge, The main challenge would probably be the language barrier. Many of those who come to our country hold on to their language, which is fine, but if they expect to succeed in this country then they should learn English. 5. Benefits and learning from others. Why and how they treat marriage , raising children, treat their elders. There are so many things that we can share with each other, especiall the food 6. Foster a climate of acceptance and clutral pluralism begins as individuals and how we train our children. We let our children see us treating others farily and with respect 7. Often times the media seems to put more fuel on the fire. As in the trayvon case, there has been distortions in how the report the news. Excample editing the 911 tapes to infer that Zimmerman made racial coments. Some networks present the news as Zimmerman being guilty with out have the opportunity to a fair trial. The picutres that were first present to the public wer so distorted. Trayvon a 17 year old, but they show a picture of when he is 14, Zimmerman a hardworking familyman, they show his