Prenatal Development Analysis

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I learn a lot this week about prenatal development and it also remind me of my two pregnant, and it was a remind of how the sensory develop and how it starts when it an embryonic to a year. It reminds me which weeks in gestation the sense starts and complete developed. My attitude and position has change a little bit I learn how important it is to have proper growth has the book mention that, “development is best viewed as a fluid process, not one of absolutes”. () I feel how our sensory develop is important and I feel that it will affect us later in life how we interpret and perceive. From my reflection, formulate and articulate three pieces of advice I will give expecting parents to ensure a healthy development for their baby would be provide …show more content…
This theory is to help pregnant woman how to deal with parenting and learning how to raise the child and deal with adolescent settings that are barriers to a positive maternal and the child outcome. When dealing with different theoretical framework can affect my decision and actions, I will concern different theories to help parent raise their child or children, but you must realize that everything not going to work out. The psychologists are the study human development it helps to learn about the person and how they are developing. I fee l that Erik Erikson theory of psychosocial development mean that development occur throughout the person life span. Another theory that could help you with a child or children would be the Jean Piaget’s theory which has, “challenged teachers to focus on the ways children come to know as opposed to what they know”. Another theory that help the teacher rethink how to present the information to the kids would be theorists Howard Gardner. Takes these theories and try to take what important out and raise your child or children in the best way you