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President Essay
I do think that the president is the United States is not the most powerful role in American government but he is not so useful. I do think this because the Judicial branch which is what I think is the largest branch of government because they control the cops and the DOD , The Legislative branch which is the “bank” side of the government , and the executive branch that includes the secret service and the president . Even though the president can veto laws and bills but both sides of congress have to approve of it first.

The judicial branch controls the biggest part of government because of these reasons. The first reason how it is like the cops is because they make the laws and give them to the president and then congress and then the president and then he decides if he wants that law. One that process is done then the cops and DOD get them and they make sure people follow the laws. The second reason is that when they split the government they need one to make laws so it was not like GTA or where people could do whatever they wanted to do. The third reason is that the Judicial branch can do what they need to do so that they can make the United States of America a better place. That is why I think the judicial branch is the biggest part of government.

The Legislative branch is the “bank” part because of these reasons. The first reason why I think this branch is the “bank” part is because they make the tax rules and then send them to congress. The second reason is because they also collect all of the tax money that you pay and then spend it on things that they think they need. The last reason is because they can move money as long as they put it back. That is why I think the Legislative branch is the “bank” part.

I think the executive branch is the most important part because it has the secret service…