Princess Diana Essay

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To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to appeal my academic dismissal from Colorado Technical University. I was not surprised, but I was extremely upset with myself about the information that I had received about my dismissal. I would like to recommend you to reestablish me for the next semester.
I acknowledge, I had an awfully problematic time my last semester, and my grades were horrible and I didn’t like the outcomes. I don’t mean to make explanations for my insignificant academic operation, but I would like to justify the situation. I knew that reaching the goal for those credits would expect a lot out of me, but I looked-for to deserve the hours so that I remained continuously track to graduate on time. I assumed I may perhaps pick up the effort load, and I however consider I could have, with the exception of me being in a car accident in February. Even though I were having a hard time sitting up at night doing the assignment and chores that were the causes of my lack. Those were some things that were holding me back when I could have stopped that to have more time on my assignments. I comprehend now that I have a duty to be in contact with my professors (as an alternative of preventing them), or even failed to put aside of the nonappearance. I assumed I could pick up from the accident and the chores, and I tried my best, but I was mistaken.
I love Colorado Technical College, and it would mean so significantly to me to graduate with a degree from this college,