Princess Diana Research Paper

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The Wild Journey of a Princess
Have you ever read a fairytale where a ordinary person becomes something great? This is the real life version of that fairytale. Princess Diana was once only an ordinary girl, but her kindness and beauty caught a young prince’s eye. She showed her strength and kindness to the world as she traveled through the journey that was her life. Throughout the darkest parts of her life, she stayed hopeful and helpful. Diana proves her worth throughout the beginning of her life, her marriage life, and even during the end of her life.
Diana’s early life was a test, full of twists and turns that define her life. Diana was born into a very rich family and had a family friendly connection with the royal family. She loved her parents but they were always gone. All of her older siblings were off at boarding school so she grew very close with her little brother. At nine years old, Diana was sent to her first boarding school. At first she hated it, but she came to love boarding school and was very popular (Princess). At the age of 12, Diana began attending the exclusive West Heath School in Sevenoaks (Princess). Once she finished school, she moved to London. She got many jobs there but her favorite was her job as
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Diana began to do more and more charity work. She even sold all of her expensive dresses and earned millions of dollars that all went to charity. She then began to see Dodi al-Fayed (Princess). As Diana spent more time with Fayed, the paparazzi (or media photographers) hounded the couple, who could not go anywhere without cameras following close behind (Princess). One night, Diana was out with Fayed. The driver of their car was drunk and they were running from the paparazzi. They crashed, killing Diana and Fayed. Diana’s funeral was held on September 6, 1997 (Princess). Although Diana is dead, her legacy still lives on within the people of