Pro-Choice Vs. Pro-Life Essay example

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Pro-Choice Vs. Pro-Life
Baker College of Flint
February 2, 2012
English 102, 12:00, Mrs. Hall

Pro-Choice Vs. Pro-Life Expulsion of a fetus before it is able to survive, this is the argument between pro-choice vs. pro-life, an argument that goes as far back as 1000b.c. The majority of abortions happen during the first trimester prior to the 13th week of gestation. I believe in pro-choice, although I believe there should also be a time period in which it should be done. Others believe in a whole different way of dealing with unwanted/unplanned pregnancies, they are who we call “Pro-Life”. Now who is right and who is wrong?
This is a question that might never have an answer. But before one can say they are pro-choice or pro-life there are many things that should have been consider. For example in who’s best interest is the decision being made (mother or child)? Is the mother is stable relationship, is she a minor, and does she come from a supportive family? All these are scenarios that a pregnant woman will consider when making the right choice.
Thirty four states require some form of parental permission or notification for a minor to obtain an abortion; this however does not apply to pro-life. In this case, who take responsibility for a child born to a minor when the parent was not notified of the pregnancy? Who guarantees the unborn child’s well being when born to a minor that made a choice based on believes of a pro-lifer? A person who considers themselves Pro-life is someone who is against abortions. They believe in keeping a child or adoption instead of terminating a pregnancy. Pro-life argues that there are long term health effects from having an abortion such as, breast, cervical, ovarian, and liver cancer, I argue that just like with any other form of surgical procedures come complications or risks. It is also said that induced abortions can cause difficulty in future pregnancy’s and trouble during labor. However, child birth is already an inherently dangerous process to begin with and subject to many complications. I believe pro-lifers are a bit climatic in that sense. When considering health factors as a supporting statement for their believes one should also consider the health of the child. Often parental information is kept confidential when a child is given up for adoption. He/she never learns there true origin. This can cause for life threatening situations when a full family medical history is needed. For example when trying to diagnose hereditary based illnesses such as, diabetes, cancer, and heart problems. I believe most of there opinions are based on there moral views rather than what would be the “best” choice for a women considering abortion. Pro-life not only chooses life over death because of health issues caused by abortion, but usually there are religious factors that apply. Most pro-lifers are strong believers in god. They believe that “god is the creator of life (Isaiah 44:24)” and that “he commands us not to murder”. Pro-life believes that there are other options besides abortion which include adoption. They believe adoption is a viable alternative to abortion and accomplishes the same result. Pro-lifers say there is no such thing as an unwanted child because there are many families that are unable to conceive children of there own that want to adopt a child such as gay couples. If pro-life supports their believe on gods word why would they be ok with allowing gay couples to the option of adopting children. If giving the unborn child a right to live and be placed on adoption for a chance of having a normal life how, would having two parents of the same sex be normal? How this child would be demoralized and treated differently by other children that don’t understand gay couples. I on the other hand do not believe adoption can always be the best choice, for there is no way of knowing that a child will be going home with a safe, loving, and