Pro Life Vs Pro Choice

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Abortion is one of the heaviest topics currently discussed in concurrent American politics and has always been an issue. All rights that could possibly be claimed, an individuals right to life is mostly underlying. There is some controversy stating if you are pro-choice or pro-life? This means that a persons right to life is more essential than other rights. It is the women's right to be Pro-Choice bringing a fetus to full term or to Pro-Life, the right of the fetus being born. Each of these movements have a way to influence Americas opinion now. There are two main groups that people's opinions are divided into, these are the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life arguments. Pro-Choice allows the women to have a choice whether to have an abortion, this allows a women to control her own body. Pro-Life believes every life is sacred and you shouldn’t abort an innocent unborn child. If all life begins at the moment of conception all humans have the right to live. Life is characterized as an individual able to perform particular activities after conception. Embryos are able to show these characteristics, so it is a human life, with that being said it is a critical error claiming that it is not a human at the first moment of conception. There is a human cycle that embryos have to go through to be developed fully. A human starts as a embryo, becomes a fetus and then a newborn infant, develops in a child, then matures overtime into a adulthood and eventually dies. There is no doubt that life