Problem Solving and Open Mode Essay

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The creative problem solving process is to help reward you rather than ridicule you. There are a lot of steps for the creative problem solving process, as time goes following the step because more increasingly important. This is a very important thing in the work place; new ideas for group creativity will continue to be invented. New problem solving steps have one thing in common: they all attempt to extract the greatest number of ideas in a short time in a group of people. The open mode is what everyone in the work place needs to be. Everyone in the work place is instead in more of a closed mode. They feel like they are being pressured into doing their work and they keep thinking about how much they have to do and how long they have to get it done. If they turned their closed mode into an open mode I think they would get a lot more done. The open mode is more of a relaxed expansive and less purposeful mode. Although you are told by people they work better under pressure it’s not always true, people that are relaxed work better and have better work ethic. Think of yourself as a creative person is another step. One of the biggest stumbling blocks to being creative is that you don’t think you are good enough to create anything at all worthy. Key to this step is to have self-perception; this is when you believe in yourself. If you just simply believe in yourself creatively, then you will go far and accomplish a very important step don’t let the self-doubt of you or others crush your self-esteem or creative side.

When you see a problem that’s how you see it, as a problem you need to look at the problems as opportunities. If you put yourself in the open mode we talked about earlier then you will see your creative side and you’ll get in the correct mind set and this problem will turn into an opportunity and you’ll work it out great!

When you are looking a problem you see a problem and then you start thinking of one solution. It would be better if you think of more than one solution it would help you work out the problem because you would have a backup plan pretty much. People tend to grab the first answer that comes along their way instead of coming up with ideas. The first idea might be good but how do you know it is the best one if you aren’t willing to try to think a little harder and find another way to solve this problem. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Most people are