Essay about Professional Presence and Influence

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Professional Presence and Influence
Dina L. Bredeau, ARNP
Western Governors University

Society has progressed both socially and technologically as has medicine. This includes our understanding of health and healing as evidenced by Dossey’s three eras of medicine. Era 1, beginning in the 1800’s, reflected the prevailing view that health and illness are totally physical in nature and therapies included surgical procedures and drugs. Era 2, starting in the 1950’s, related to the mind and body. Practitioners began to realize that emotions and feelings can impact health. Era 3, still developing today, began in the 1990’s and builds on the previous eras by adding the spirit and proposes that consciousness is not confined to one’s
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Artisans desire quick payoffs, are willing to bend the rules and stay in the present. Rationals act efficiently to achieve their objective and ignore rules if needed. (Keirsey, 1998). The Keirsey Temperament Sorter-II (KTS-II) is a seventy question survey that helps individuals discover their personality type. I was assigned the temperament Idealist. Idealists, according to the KTS-II sorter, are “enthusiastic and trust their intuition, pride themselves on being loving, kind hearted and authentic as well as tend to be giving, trusting, spiritual and focused on human potential” (Keirsey, 1998). I feel this personality type does align with how I view myself. I am concerned with personal growth and development and have a quest for self-knowledge and self-improvement. This helps me truly understand and relate to my patients and help and encourage them to do the same. I also think the temperament assigned aligns with my activities and relationships, as well as my career choice. I love to read and gather new information and am constantly looking at how to improve myself so I can be a better provider to my patients, significant other and friends. I am very aware of people’s feelings and feel my sense of intuition is truly a gift. As an idealist, I am considered rare, but do identify with guardians and possess some of their qualities as well. I value responsibility and am reality oriented.
The large office where I