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Question 1. What are the key lessons learned from your PMP Assignment?
Subsidiary plans
1. Scope Management Plan: What to deliver as agreed by all stakeholders. * Project objectives * Deliverables * Milestone * Technical requirements/ realistic * Time- limited * Reviews with stakeholders
2. Procurement Management Plan: Define the procurement requirements and management of the documentation through contract closure. * Items to be procured * Types of contract used * Contract approval process * Decision criteria * Vendor management
3. Time management: Process required accomplishing timely completion of the project. * Activity definition * Activity sequencing * Activity resource estimating * Activity duration estimating * Schedule development * Schedule control
4. Cost management plan: How the costs on a project will be managed throughout the project. * Responsible for managing cost * Approve changes to budget * How cost performance measured and reported
5. Risk management plan: Identify all possible problems that can arise during construction. * Removal of all hazardous materials * Safety protocols * Site evacuation plan * Dust and noise control

6. Quality management plan: The quality of workmanship of a proposed project * Quality management systems * Quality control * Quality assistance * Quality documentation * Responsibilities
7. Human resource plan: The employment structure of the contractor that will be on the proposed development. * Roles and responsibilities employed * Hierarchical system of personnel on site * List of employees
8. Community relation plan: Address local community affected by project * Complaints handling * Noise amelioration program * Monitoring and implementing issues raised
9. Communication Management plan: * Identify stakeholders * Plan communication * Distribute information * Manage stakeholder expectations * Report performance

Question 2. Key areas in contractors performance reporting
Contractors performance reporting * Application: work exceeding $20,000 * Objective: assess the performance of the contractor which allows the client to make an informed decision * Produced if contractors overall report is unsatisfactory (a score of 4 and below) * Frequency: every 4 months, after milestones / completion of contract * A CPR is completed by a reporting officer and is then sent to a reviewing officer * The contractor is entitled to respond and appeal the decision within 20 days * Appealed decision must be adjusted by reviewing officer and returned to contractor.
Performance criteria of assessment * time management: * overall progress of work * ability to meet milestones * management of delays due to weather * management of contractors personnel * appropriateness of skills and experience * level of input * observant of site rules * management of subcontractors * ensuring compliance with contract * ensuring tome and delivery * standards of work * compliance with brief * adherence to budget * remedial work required * (WHS) work, health and safety management * compliance to codes of practice * complies to (SWMS) safe work method statement * environmental management * complies with environmental impact assessment * complies with project environmental management * co-operative relationships * commitment to working together * commitment to resolving issues through effective communication * quality management * result of quality * success in using the quality system
Overall performance is a statement of all the criteria ratings to produce an overall ranking out of 10, based on the contractor performance.

Question 3. Identify key