People Management As Part Of Project Management

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An Evaluation of the Importance of People Management as Part of Project Management

Research Question
What is the Importance of People Management as Part of Project management?
In the business and organization fields, the term “management” refers to function which is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that people’s efforts are well coordinated in order to accomplish both objectives and goals using all the available resources in an effective and efficient manner. In essence, management includes concepts such as organizing, planning, directing, and leading, staffing and controlling an organization or a firm in order to achieve the set goals. In simple language, people management deals with management of people while project management deals with the management of projects. In essence, people management can therefore be defined as being a “subset” of human resource management that deals with the financial, strategic and policy issues. On the other hand, project management refers to the application of methods, processes, skills and experience, and knowledge in order to attain the desired project objectives (Schwalbe, 2009).
A project implies a transient and unique endeavour which is carried out in order to attain planned goals or objectives that could be defined based on outcomes, outputs or benefits. It will also be prudent to note that a project is actually temporary because it has a “defined beginning” and “end time” thus defined resources and scope Project management is also defined as being the application of skills, knowledge and techniques/methods in order to effectively and efficiently execute projects. Project management is therefore an organization’s strategic competency that can enable it to tie its project results towards the business goals thus greatly aid it to compete it in their respective markets (Cobb, 2011).

Background and Context
People Management as Part of Project Management
People Management, being part and parcel of Project management is quite important in an organization. This is due to the fact one of the most difficult and important job for most organizational managers is the people management or the management of people. Managers are tasked with the responsibility of ensuring all human personnel in a specific project undertaken by the organisation are well led, motivated, encouraged and inspired. In order for an organization to succeed in Project Management, people have to be well managed and this may entail the hiring of people, evaluating of employees, disciplining them or even firing as well.
Research Method
Information of the topic will be analysed using the available literature on the topic.
The importance of people Management in the success of project Management
The successful management of people for any manager is a must in each company or industry is a must regardless of one’s title. Despite the fact that people management is not an easy task or process, it can be quite rewarding for an organization if it is well implemented. Effective people management in any given organization is quite beneficial because it upholds the importance or principle of people working together as a team. Good people management skills dictate that managers don’t just act as overseers in order to have their specific tasks done satisfactorily by their subjects but it implies involving all individuals in an organization who are working as a team in an effective and create role in order to ensure that they all success in all their tasks (Wong, 2010).
Managers work to ensure that everything is working well in the organization
The effective application of people management skills in project management will lead to the success in the undertaken projects. This is because effective people management skills will involve all individuals in broad issues and ensuring that none of them is underestimated. This is because good management of people will involve listening