Project Management -Case 1 Essay examples

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1. Basically, Rachel finished most responsibilities as a project manager in a day, such as holding project status meeting in the morning and communicating between clients and departments. However, due to frequent interruption by small things and her bad timetable, she always kept on a busy run with low efficiency.
First, she came back early for picking up their work. But it turned out her plan was disrupted because of a trivial chats with her colleagues. So did her boss’s sudden visit. She could have actively schedule a report to her boss rather than interrupted by him. Second, her time was often wasted by waiting late people. Unpunctuality, which derives from lack of communication, will not only affect the effectiveness but also the quality of work. As to her daily schedule, I think replying important emails should be the first thing after she turned on computer. This habit can avoid missing of important information or change in midway. Finally, a communication with Mary, which involved important issue on the project, should be done early after she contacted John, rather than after 3 hours’ conference and idle talks.
2. Project manager is definitely a key man in a project. He is not only responsible for the whole project, but his team, his boss, his clients and other managers. So he must have good ability of communication and coordination at the first place. Second, project manager has lots of decisions to make in a day. He needs to keep a clear mind and a considerate