Discrimination: Future and Portfolio Essay

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Portfolio Development To get involved in certain careers, we must first provide some employers with a portfolio. Some of you might not have one clue about what a portfolio might be; so let me start with a small description, it is a way of documenting your achievements in a specific field. But, mostly, a portfolio is described to be an actual living and changing collection of records that reflect someone's accomplishments, their skills, their experiences, and their attributes. The portfolio is strongly there to highlight and showcase some samples of plenty of your best work, along side some of your life experiences, your values, and your achievements. All of the personal information that you put into the portfolio can of course reflect on all of your capabilities as a human being and also become a very useful tool in somehow marketing yourself to employers, maybe corporations, and even colleges and universities. But, do not misunderstand a portfolio in place of a resume, it gives a little bit more detail concerning your strenghts and all that you offer in your chosen field. There are many people who don't really see the purpose of having a portfolio, they don't see the need of having one for them. When you have a portfolio, it allows you to se yourself aside from some other applicants either if its in a professional or an academic setting. Many people want to know plenty of questions about what the portfolio does exactly, they ask questions such as "what can it help you accomplish?","what is its overall purpose?". Well, the portfolio is very important in the career path you decide to follow; it allows you to be a bit more personal and sometimes creative so you could expand on your skills, your knowledge, your projects, and your experiences. It is a method that we can use to discover many things about ourselves and build some more confidence. Creating a portfolio is mostly an all-round way to coordinate your accomplishments, your goals, your aspirations, and also your personal thoughts, to demonstrate your personality to probable employers and maybe organizations. A very important thing to do is to bring it for an interview as proof of all of your skills and your abilities, it is also there to demonstrate to the future employer that you are more than qualified for the specific job. Many people use these portfolios to help them receive bonuses, some scholarships, some grants, and even to negotiate future promotions and raises as well. But, most importantly, this valuable paper called a portfolio is there to showcase previous work or sometimes learning experiences that might be usefull for educational credits. Another great question that individuals have concerning a portfolio is how to create one. Well, exactly like other creations, there are some steps that must be followed. To begin, you have to determine which kind of portfolio will be satisfying your needs. There are different tpes of portfolios to pick from such as; the student portfolio that is used for academic matters, it allows the student to showcase the knowledge that he/she attained in a specific class or even throughout his/her entire school career. Many students, or individuals that decide to continue their education beyond the undergraduate level. The other type of portfolio is the project portfolio, that people use for academic and professional needs to show the efforts and the different steps that