Essay about Promote Professional Development

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Promote Professional Development

Compare models of reflective practice

Reflective practice is an essential means of developing basic skills and knowledge into expert skills and knowledge.
Repetition of a particular skill enables a worker to become more competent in [performance, and eliminates poor practice.
Workers can assist their team mates to improve their performance.
Reflective practice helps workers think about how they could change their way of working – or should change their way of working by thinking ahead and using a structure to suit an activity.
Donald Schon (1983) identified that learning in practice could be enhanced by 2 different kinds of activity – Reflection in-action and Reflection on-action.
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By telling staff they have done really well can develop their self esteem and confidence. Staff have the opportunity to raise concerns through their Line Manager.
Any incidents or accidents involving Clients or care staff are reported. This is a Company Policy. I.e – Manual Handling accident or near miss. Accident/incident forms are completed and sent to Health and Safety Department. The staff member is supported to complete the form and explain what happened.
Training needs are identified and discussion takes place to establish what went wrong. All staff are briefed on procedures for reporting issues/concerns. Managers should be approachable so that staff feel comfortable when raising issues.
Team reflection is a powerful tool.
Reflecting on performance as a team can be a good way of identifying strengths, and looking at changes and commitments.
Sometimes staff can contribute better within a team than on a one to one basis. Team meetings and group supervisions are useful for reflective feedback.
Different strengths within a team can compliment each other to make a successful whole.
A strong, confident member of staff can be helpful to a less confident worker to improve standards of work and gain experience.

Evaluate how practice has been improved through:
. Reflection on best practice
. Reflection on failures and mistakes

Reflection on best practiceis often identified by someone