Proposal: Woman and Girl Essay

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In this essay I intend to explore the topic of social integration in boys and girls. The story, narrated by a girl, shows the girl don't receive the future that she will live as a social inferior of men and then she keep trying to change the situation no matter how her parents and other people close to her inoculate how she should behave as a girl.In other words, it is about that a girl became integrated by social. Actually, she is different from other cotemporary females in the story. She keep protest by acting like "boys" and tries to prove that she is not inferior of men by working. In this process, many people look down on her resist or attempt to make her integrated with other (the most of social). For instance, the salesman shows the idea that women should not work outside to her ( saying " I thought she is just a girl." when her father introduce the girl to the salesman) . Besides, the father doesn't talk to her unless it is about work. In addition, her mother and grandmother attempt to train her in the likes, habits, behavior,and work of women( like "Girls keep their knees together when they sit down." and "Girls don't slam doors like that."). Even though these people interfere the girl's belief that she is not just a girl constantly, she still tries her best to change and resist her coming future where she should live just as a woman who work at home. Just like , she prefer to help her father work rather than work at home. More importantly, she refuse to behave