Proposal and Analysis of the Global Infrastructure Group Essay

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Proposal and Analysis of the Global Infrastructure Group
Carl Grieser
PJM 500 – Project Management
Colorado State University – Global Campus
Dr. Chiji Ohayia
February 28th, 2016

Proposal and Analysis of the Global Infrastructure Group
The Global Infrastructure Group, a subsidiary of the Global Financial Corporation, is an international conglomerate specializing in developing technologies and solutions for the Global Financial Corporation. This proposal for the Global Infrastructure Group will advise on what requirements the organization can best implement for a comprehensive project management system that can be used in a global organization that has small-, medium-, and large-scale projects. This proposal will
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In order to determine these gains, the Global Infrastructure Group should implement a project selection process such as the analytical hierarchy process (AHP) or project desirability matrix (PDM).
According to Kumar, Antony and Cho (2009), the AHP determines the relative priorities or weights to be assigned to different criteria and alternatives that characterize a decision. A PDM has two components for comparison: effort required and impact from the project. Global Infrastructure Group can use the AHP to determine how a project will benefit the company by assigning weighted criteria to the factors the managers believe are the most important and comparing each project to the outcome of how each project factors. A PDM takes the two factors described above and uses them to make a determination on the project based on the least amount of effort versus the greatest impact to the company. If Global Infrastructure Group is to use this method, they must consider long term impacts in regards to the effort put forth. Global Infrastructure Group could use either method in their project selection process with relatively little additional training.
Project Prioritization
Using the above methods and criteria, projects can be