Pros And Cons Of Andrew Jackson

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Three major controversies of Andrew Jackson’s presidency will be discussed in these paragraphs. Andrew’s proclamation to the people of South Carolina, The United States bank, And Indian removal. Jackson was enraged if anybody spoke out against the new law. He said he would hang them himself. The states were right to be mad about this new law Jackson had made. Jackson kept a very close eye on the bank and saw what they were doing and how corrupt they were so he shut them down, doing so though state banks couldn’t make large loans to businesses. The indian removal was most likely the most controversial thing Jackson did. He gave them two options convert to their society or leave. A lot of people do not understand that back then if you were there first it doesn’t mean it's yours. I side with jackson on this and agree with the removal.

South carolina saw the act tariff of 1829 was unconstitutional and should be annulled. The Tariff of Abominations ( named by southern states) was to protect the industries of the northern united states. This made the south harmed directly by raising prices on
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Jackson did not see at as there land he saw it as our land. He gave them the choice of either forget their “savage traditions” and convert to the american society or be removed. Most of them chose to be removed but several natives died along the way. The natives have burial traditions that they couldn’t do because the men moving them wouldn’t let them. After how many indians died on the trail the trail was name the trail of tears. This is possibly one the most controversial things Andrew Jackson has ever done but i believe it was the right thing to do. most people think it was wrong because it was their land first, Just because they were there first does not mean it cannot be taken. He also did it so the states on the frontier would stop being