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Psychological Assessment
Client: Nicole Keisha Brown
Date of Birth: September 9, 2006
Dates of Evaluation: November 4 - 5, 2013
Evaluated by: Dr. Alexis Hazelwood, Psy.D.
Referred by: Grade School Counselor

Background Information
Nicole Brown is a seven year old female of African-American descent. She is currently enrolled in the second grade, and lives with her maternal grandmother. Her single mother was visited by Child Protective Services on February 3 2013, and in result to the home observation she was deemed unfit for custody of Nicole. It is my understanding that her mother admitted to drinking during the pregnancy of the child in question, Nicole. She also failed a drug screening and admitted she was a heavy marijuana user, leading to CPS interfering and placing Nicole in grandmother’s care permanently. She has been referred to me by her school counselor, because of reports of poor coping skills, trouble with problem-solving, and lack of social skills.

Evaluation Procedures
November 4, 2013- School Observation
November 5, 2013- Clinical Interview, Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children-Fourth Edition (WISC-IV), Thematic Apperception Test (TAT), and Symptom Checklist 90

On November 4th, prior to meeting the Nicole, I arrived at her school as requested by the school counselor to observe Nicole during a regular school day. During my observation, I noticed Nicole was isolated, unsocial, and not welcomed among her peers. She was a controversial subject among the other students in her grade, and was withdrawn from others during normal social periods, such as in the cafeteria or in recess. When in academic classes, Nicole had problems paying attention, and doing the assigned work. Many of her teachers reported to me that she often challenged authority by arguing with them, and demanding she get to do whatever she please. The next day, November 5th, I called Nicole’s grandmother to bring her in for a clinical session. While in my office, she refused to participate in any activity or study unless she had a toy to play with. After fulfilling Nicole’s insistence on getting a toy, she became cooperative and the tests were conducted. This concluded my assessment.

The Intelligence test given to Nicole revealed her IQ to be at a 68, placing her in the Mild Mental Retardation range. This is most likely an outcome of her mother’s prenatal care, since no mental retardation is known in either side of Nicole’s family history. Her social skills are unpleasant, and in need of therapeutic exercises. Her attention span is unsuitable, and also requires further assistance. My diagnosis of Nicole Brown is Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD).

My conclusion is that Nicole’s prognosis is good, and simply requires further therapeutic sessions. In the beliefs