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Is a Career as a Psychologist for you?
“You’re not judged and even your deepest secrets are safe.” Aaron L. shared about his experiences with a psychologist. Everyone wants someone to confide in and trust without judgment. Not having someone there to talk to about situations or problems can really be upsetting. Just having someone there to listen can change things. Having someone to talk to is very important. Fortunately, there are people who choose to make a career out of being that unbiased confidant to turn to, and they are called Psychologist. Psychologists are honorable, trustful, and educated professionals whose services can benefit many people in many different ways Therefore, becoming a psychologist can be very fulfilling.
There is a lot to accomplish to become a psychologist. School is required for at least five to seven years for a PH.D or Psy.D degree to become a psychologist. The differences between the two are with a PH.D, it allows teaching, research, and a clinical or counseling position. While someone with a Psy.D generally works in a clinical or counseling position. Along with those positions a dissertation, a written essay or speech, with both the PH.D and Psy.D is a required assignment. To be a psychologist who does patient care it’s also mandatory to meet the licensing fit for that position. There are multiple jobs for a psychologist, and their chosen specialty determines where to work. For instance, a Forensic psychologist would most likely spend his/her time in a courthouse, police station or a criminal detention center. As a Clinical psychologist, most of their time will be spent working at a hospital or mental health center. Psychologist can also work mainly in a private practice covering multiple specialties. A career in psychology can be very rewarding. Psychologist can mentally help their patients. For instance, a psychologist can help people who have experienced a tragedy in their life. Whether it’s about a mother who’s lost a child, or vise versa, they’re there to help. A psychologist can help patients cope with a mental illness and live a productive life. Psychologist can also help patients…