Psychology and Critical Thinking Essay

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Critical Thinking Essay
Assessment of Element #1- Questions or Issues
As Professor Rzepka was introducing the critical thinking assignment to the class, many questions and thoughts came across to me. Will this help me in the future? Why are we doing this? Will I learn from this? Like any student, I thought that this assignment wasn’t going to be helpful because I already knew myself. Of course, I was wrong. As I began to work on this assignment, I realized that this assignment did fulfill its purposes by facilitating my understanding of Psychology and the examined activities related to my success. I gained insight when I compared my psychological domains and achievement variables by realizing that they relate with one another. In the first achievement variable-studying, the affective, behavior, and cognitive domain relate to studying because when you’re studying, you use your mind (cognition) to process the information and you may do several things to

Assessment of Element #2- Assumptions
Before completing this assignment, I didn’t realize what little factors contributed to my success as a student. I held many assumptions about myself before completing part one and the essay. I assumed that everything was going to be given to me on a silver platter and if I put things off I will still get them done. From this assignment, I realized that as a student I justify my actions too much instead of changing them and getting things done. I believe that I wasn’t one hundred percent honest with myself when doing this assignment because after this essay, I realized many things from a different perspective that I didn’t think about before. The assumptions I made regarding this assignment was that it would be something easy to do, and wouldn’t take much time. In regard to the observations I made of myself, I assumed that I already knew myself and how I am as a student. I believe many things were underlying my thinking when I was completing this assignment. I believe not giving the assignment a chance really stopped me from understanding the purpose of it and assuming that I knew everything stopped me from giving one hundred percent accurate observations.

Assessment of Element #3- Concepts
One major cognitive concept in part one of the critical thinking assignment was the observations from my cognitive domain in relation to my motivation to complete college. I believe this was a major cognitive concept because I realized that there are certain things I have to keep in mind to motivate me to complete college. One thing I keep in mind to motivate me is that one day, when I complete college and become a nurse, I can support my parents. One major behavioral concept in the critical thinking assignment overall was the observations from my behavioral domain in relation to support from my instructors and counselors. This is a major behavioral concept to me because throughout my life as a student, I ask instructors and counselors for help when I need guidance and make appointments with them to discuss my future. As a student, I believe they have contributed immensely to my success as a student thus far. Furthermore, One major affective concept provided in part one of the critical thinking was the observations from my affective domain in relation to study. This concept is important because I believe that If as a student I do not enjoy the things I am learning about, it will lower my motivation as a student. The ideas they generated in me, as a student, was

Assessment of Element #4- Information
After completing the critical thinking assignment, I learned interesting things about myself that I never expected to learn. One thing I learned about myself in relation to the achievement-related variable: study, was that if I do not enjoy what I am learning, I will not