The Importance Of Education

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Dalton Appleby
English III
Miss Hickman


In elementary school I can remember watching a video about Schoolhouse Rock. One of their neat phrases was knowledge is power. Yet that is the case. Knowledge is power. So people that want to acquire knowledge they have to be educated first. Education is important because it lets you learn about the outside world, trains your brain, and helps you solve problems.
Education lets you learn about the world around us. It allows the educated person to gain information about our culture and others as well. An uneducated person is shut off from the outside world because he or she cannot read and write. So the uneducated person cannot gain info from books and other mediums. So someone without education has no ability to do so, they are isolated. An educated person can. He or she can use knowledge about the outside world and apply it to their life. So the educated person will be opened to ideas.
Education trains the brain. Education helps choose the best path in certain situations. It also helps decide the right decisions because it encourages us to think. An educated person will be able to choose the positive and negative effects on any situation that comes up. The ability of reasoning is in all of us? Yes but the educated person has it fined tuned. They have the ability reason the efficient way rather than taking the shortcut. So education trains the mind to reason. Training your mind is a value toward education.
Education helps you solve problems. An educated person will be able to communicate ideas with each other better because they are literate. Also, the knowledge gained from education will help everyone in their careers because they will better understand what they are doing. An