Psychology: Criminal Law and People Essay

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Culminating Task Part One:

My life is a life in which no one will ever have and no one will ever change it, except for me. I am who I am and this is me. My education has defined me in so many ways, from switching schools to joining sports, all of this has shaped my intellectual and social skills I possess today. From kindergarten until grade 2 I switched so many schools in the same town, not because I was bad, but because we moved a lot. It changed me, not in a bad way but in a good way, it made me somewhat stronger and made it easier to cope with small changes.
I remember my first day of school in grade 2 I came to school and walked in and everyone was sitting on these little carpets and I was a little confused as to what these were for but I went along with it. The experience would have been a lot less scary if everyone didn’t stare at me like I was some alien, but to them I was. I was the new kid, the one everyone is afraid to talk to and play with. The one where all the kids watch your every move and decide what you are to them. Even as a second grader I was afraid to do certain things because of ridicule.
I often sit back now, and think about all the fun, childish activities that took place in my younger years. From gingerbread hunts, to little class parties, pajama day, being able to finger paint, and from certain teachers handing out monopoly money if you were good so you could buy little treats at the end of each month. It was things that back then, I didn’t appreciate it as much as I should have.
Through my elementary years I had a lot of people who like me and didn’t like me and also people that I liked and didn’t like. But I learned that not everyone is going to like me and I felt like that was a really good thing to have as a child; so I wasn’t shocked when I was older that people didn’t like me, I just grow from it and move on.
I had a few favorite teachers although I was usually known to be the teacher’s pet. Not that I was sucking up to the teachers. I remember my grade 3 teacher Mrs. Cummins, she was the most fun and energetic person you will ever meet. I mostly liked her because we both had pet rats. She was so inspirational to me, getting me into reading, always helping me with talking to the board about my eye sight problem she just really cared. She always said “if fail to plan, you plan to fail.” About a year ago during exam time I was told that she had passed away from breast cancer and my heart dropped. I felt bad for not going back and visiting her more, and everything seemed so horrible. But I always remembered what she said, and I made a plan that I was going to study hard and pass my exams and just keep thinking I’m going to do this for her and make her proud. I passed all my exams with flying colours and was so happy and so proud of myself all because of Mrs. Cummins. Another favourite teacher was my grades 6 7 and 8th grade teacher Mrs. Kendrick she was more of a life coach like Mr. McGillis she would stay on me for sports and when I had my knee injury she didn’t forget about me like a lot of my past coaches, she waited until I fully healed and then to catch up on training for track she stayed after school with me. One time at a volleyball tournament another coach on my team was very rude. I asked why he wasn’t letting people on the court and he said that I sucked and so did the rest, Mrs. Kendrick came over and said no that’s not fair Colin has been practising for months and should be allowed to play, he eventually let me on and we made it to offsa, I felt so accomplished and I was so thankful to Mrs. Kendrick for standing up for me. I guess you could say that these teachers played a main part in my life so far, I learned from them and I use their knowledge every day. Some people think they’re so great at a sport or at some assignment and don’t ask for guidance well I think the opposite I think there are leaders and coaches for a reason, we learn from them to teach ourselves and