Life Metaphor

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Oksana Khmelnitskaya
Period 5, Psychology
January 17, 2014

Life Metaphor The metaphor I believe describes my life is based on a quote. "Everyone wants happiness, nobody wants pain. But you can't have a rainbow without a little rain." My life consists of ups and downs. Whenever something bad is happening to me, I know that something great is going to happen after. The good things don't last forever, but I make sure to enjoy it while it lasts. I believe that the bad things that happen are what helps me see the good in my life. My dad has had a drinking and smoking problem ever since a few years after my parents got married. He was never there for my mom and for us kids. I have an older sister (23), older brother(20), and a little brother (3). We all practically grew up without a dad. He always ended up in jail, and if he wasn't in jail, he would be getting drunk while my mom was taking care of 3 kids on her own. When we moved to the US, things were still pretty bad between my parents. They would always speak of divorce and get into fights over little things. At first, my dad was trucking and was helping my mom pay the bills, but then he went to jail and got his license suspended. My mom was left alone to pay the bills. After a year, he got his license back and helped out a little bit until recently, he went to jail again and got his license suspended once more. My dad's drinking problem effected me and my siblings in different ways. My sister for example, got