Marketing Myself Essay

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High School Marketing Plan Performance-Based Assessment
Marketing Myself
Table of Contents
Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Market Research/Analysis
Marketing Environment
Consumer Market
Situation Analysis
Target Market
Marketing Problem
Marketing Strategies Proposal
Product or Service
Executive Summary
A project, mainly to sell myself to Kapi’olani Community College, that will help set me into college by meeting the requirements. Also, I’ve compared two colleges to identify my external opportunities and threats, and internal strengths and weaknesses. Since there are challenges that I may face in trying to attend college, I’ve tried to extend its factors to identify what I have to work on.
Market Research/Analysis
Marketing Environment
Student Diversity
Mixed 13%
Hawaiian/Part-Hawaiian 17%
Filipino 12%
Chinese 9%
Japanese 14%
Pacific Islander 2%
All other 24%
Economic Environment
Attractions in Honolulu
Situated on the slopes of Diamond Head in Waikiki
Natural Environment
Tropical Savanna Climate
Technological Environment
Park-like setting with rolling pathways
Picnic tables and benches with a view of Diamond Head and the ocean
Connected anywhere on campus by a fast Wi-Fi connection
Computer Labs
Political Environment
Completions of academic requirements of declared program of study
Graduation: technical obtainments of credits to receive a degree
Consumer Market
Limited accommodations for students
Social Stream
YouTube etc.
College Tuition
Financial Aid
Other under estimate what community colleges can provide to its students
Situation Analysis
Kapi’olani Community College
Gathering place, cultural diversity is supported
Every choice is respected
Provide highest quality education for people
Low tuition, and high quality instructional programs
Prepares students for lives of ethical and social responsibility
Built partnership within the University
GPA of 3.0
Likes Math, Science
Like to use technology in learning
Not sociable
Can’t decide my course
Not into making friends
To be respected with my choices
Plan my job
SAT/Act not required Threats
Technologies may cause distraction
English, second language
Teamwork may emanate miscommunication
University of Hawaii at ManoaEstablish lifelong friendships and memories
Hundreds of extracurricular, recreational, cultural, and learning opportunities to enhance education, safety, overall health, and wellness
Safety, top priority
Food and housing options
Never boring (200+ student clubs and organizations)
Offer sports and recreation opportunities
Cover a range of academic topics, career interests, recreational activities, and life styles
GPA of 3.0
Likes Math and Science Weaknesses
Not sociable
Not into sports
SAT/Act required Opportunity
Safety in campus
Won’t get bored Threat
Not into sports
Boring to be with
English, second language
SAT/Act scores
Target Market
High School graduates who are interested in going to college
Students who met college requirements
Marketing Problem
That challenges that I may face in Kapi’olani Community College are product and place. I, as the product, consist a problem myself since English , main language in school, is my second language, which mean I may have a hard time being with other students and tend to hang by myself or towards students who I share the same language.. Second, the location of the school can be difficult to reach and I may have other problems like the uses of transportation when a vehicle is used in transportation, gas will be required, which means extra money to consider. Also, taking the bus could be a problem since buses has schedules