Abortion: One Of The Most Controversial Moral Issues In The World

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Abortion is one of the most highly controversial moral issues in the world. In this paper, I will explain the moral issues in terminating foetuses. Three distinct positions on the morality of terminating a foetus will be explored. First is the position where foetuses have an inalienable right to life. The second position is that foetuses are a part of a woman’s body, therefore has the right to terminate the foetus whenever she pleases. The third position is that foetuses possess the right to live but also can be terminated under certain circumstances. These three positions regarding the morality of terminating foetuses will be further discussed within this paper. The first position is that foetuses have an absolute right to life. According to Marquis, the act of abortion is seriously immoral and that it can be compared to killing an innocent person. It is argued by many that the life begins at the moment when the sperm from a man and the ovum from a woman meet. Also, during the 5th week of gestation, the heart starts to beat. When a heart starts beating, one can consider that as being alive. An abortion after this time destroys a human life because it will end their heart beat. Additionally, destroying foetuses denies them of their “future value” and rich, personal experiences and achievements. Anti-abortionists believe these claims are enough to prove that terminating a foetus is morally wrong and similar to murder. The second position regarding the morality of abortion is that a foetus is a part of the woman’s body which gives her right to abortion and practice her autonomy. A foetus can cause discomfort, sickness and even physical pain to the host woman. As a form of self-defence, a woman can abort the foetus to protect herself. Also, since women are the ones being burdened by the foetus, they must have a choice in ending the pregnancy. The dignity of the child-bearer should also be considered. Terminating a foetus is never an easy decision. No one really wants to get an abortion. It is simply the lesser bad between other bad alternative such as