The Importance Of Studying

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Studying is very important if you want to be a good and successful student. When you take the time to study, you are preparing yourself for upcoming lessons. There are many students who choose to study and others who just wing it. When you think of studying you think of libraries, study groups, or sitting in your room with your nose in a book. Some people may not have the extra time others have to review your notes and prepare for upcoming assignments. A lot of students today have jobs, children, or other responsibilities outside of school that take up most of their time. It is very important that you set aside time dedicated to schoolwork. I conducted a survey to find out how people study. Included in the survey are questions about challenges students face while studying/ learning and asking what methods they find easiest for them. The majority of the students said that time were their greatest challenge this semester. They all have jobs to help pay for their schooling and children they have to take care of. These seem to be the most common reason for lack of studying. Having a job and going to school full time is hard work and can be very stressful. There are a lot of common methods of studying but the most common in my survey was taking good notes. Having an organized notebook can be very helpful when it’s time to study. Others say the use flash cards, or ask for help from teachers or their peers. A few students highlight their books or notes to look back at the important facts. Making and keeping a schedule can help out as well as support from family and friends. Another question in the survey asked where students usually chose to study. A lot of people are more likely to study with friends for support, in the library for a quiet place where they can concentrate, or in their room where they can get comfortable and review for assignments. The students that took my survey said they study in their room or the library. Some did say they study with friends. Studying in a quiet place is ideal for most students because they can concentrate and not worry about distractions. Having a test come up is nerve racking and stressful because you worry whether you’re going to do good or if you’re going to bomb it. In