Racial Equality For America Essay

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Racial Equality in America Racial equality is becoming an “American” value. In America most people would say they value racial equality. In the 1860’s the Emancipation Proclamation freed African Americans from slavery, and that began the wonderful dream of racial equality. During the civil rights movement, the educational system began to integrate and allowed children of all races to be equally educated. Jim Crow laws were ended to allow African Americans the right to vote. Further proof of a more racially equal society is the election of the first African American president in 2008, Barack Husain Obama. There are now laws in place to prevent racial discrimination in the work place, eating establishments and businesses. This proves that America values racial equality. I also value racial equality and believe that America should continue to strive toward this idea. America still struggles to have perfect racial equality. For example on February 26th, 2012 a young, unarmed African American male was profiled, shot and killed while walking home due to a law called “Stand Your Ground”. Some believe this incident was racially motivated and this law promotes racial profiling. This crime went unpunished because the courts ruled that there wasn’t enough evidence to prove this incident was racially motivated. This incident is important to me because I want to know that when I’m walking home wearing a hoodie, I will be safe.
I also believe that racially equality in education is important. Many strides have been made to improve access to education by all people no matter race, gender or religion. However, studies have shown that the elimination of affirmative action in the educational system in