Racism In Law Enforcement Essay

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Racism in law enforcements can be catastrophic effects on society as evidenced by recent cases in the U.S. The bias in America's criminal justice reports of racial profiling are law enforcement that have a large amount of officers who arrest based on racial profiling. The criminal justice system creates and sustain racial orders in the United States and through history. Majority of the African Americans is more aware than before of the largest rates of incarceration. But not racism. Not only does racial profiling make us, as blacks feel or look ignorant, but it also degrades. I believe no one should be judged based on the actions of disparate before given a chance to be themselves. It says in the article, “Black Americans are more likely to serve longer sentences than white Americans for the same offense.” But not always, there are some whites who have the same amount of years in a sentence and even longer. On the news it showed, Cory Batey who is serving 15-20 years, compared to Brock Tucker who only served 6 months. They committed the same the same crime. Most sentences are being given out of anger due to the officer or judge in the U.S. Officers in the U.S act as a boor to African Americans. …show more content…
Rates have started to go up each year since 2006, stated in ‘Is the Criminal Justice Racist.’ About one of 33 black men, one of 205 white men and one of 79 Hispanic men”. Most blacks stay out of trouble to avoid the government. But officers have the tendency to make some act out, by defending themselves. They see it as a threat, so most blacks end up in jail or six feet under. According to the article “Blacks are most likely to get arrested for drug use.” Which isn’t true, whites deal with more drugs than blacks. All African Americans aren’t responsible for each crime. There’s no title, everyone can commit