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c c c cExplain how organisational theory underpins principles and practices of management. (2.2)

In this part of the assignment I have to describe the 6 key underpinning elements of organisational structure giving examples of how each of them is used. The 6 key elements are departmentalisation, work specialisation, chain of command, spam of control, centralisation and formalisation.
Departmentalisation is the process of forming employees into groups to accomplish specfic organizational goals
Example: Departments can be organised according to the function workers perform.

Customer departmentalisation-
Jobs may be grouped according to the type of customer served by the organisation.
WOKI is a United States FM radio station serving the Knoxville, Tennessee area with an News/Talk format. It is an ABC Radio O&O station through Cumulus Media.
WOKI operates at 8,000 watts at 98.7 MHz with a tower twenty miles northwest of Knoxville, TN. Its city of license is Oliver Springs, Tennessee.
On June 14, 2010, it was announced that on July 9, sister station WNOX would move its talk radio format to WOKI's frequency.[2]
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Programming[edit source]

Starting at 5:30 am, the "Hallerin Hilton Hill Show" is on the air until 10:00 am. From 10:00 am until 12:00 pm Glenn Beck's The Glenn Beck Program is broadcast. At noon the station picks up the "Rush Limbaugh Show" and broadcasts it until 3:00 pm. At that time, the "Phil Show" hosted by Phil Williams is broadcast until 6:00 pm. Sean Hannity begins at that time, and continues until 9:00 pm. At 9:00 pm Mark Levin airs.
Weekend programming includes a line-up on various topics such as gardening, home maintenance and mortgages and health, as well as syndicated programming like The Mutual Fund Show with Adam Bold, Kim Komando and ABC's Radio Perspective.
The station is an affiliate of the Tennessee Titans radio network.[3]
WOKI history on previous frequencies[edit source]

WOKI-FM, previously on the 100,000-watt 100.3 FM frequency (Oak Ridge, Tennessee license), began in the mid 1970s with a progressive rock format and automated programming pre-recorded by the DJs, but by the late 1970s had switched to a very successful Top-40 format mixed with some southern and hard rock, and live radio personalities. During the late 1970s WOKI-FM also carried University of Tennessee Volunteers football games and for two years sponsored the "Ramblin' Raft Race" on the Clinch River.
Meanwhile, WOKI broadcast on 1550 kHz on the AM dial with an adult contemporary format. WOKI became WORI and eventually ceased broadcasting altogether, while WOKI-FM after its switch to the Top-40 format was in heavy competition with WRJZ (620 AM), and later WIMZ (103.5 FM) for the Knoxville market's top rock station.
After the early 1980s WOKI dropped the hard and southern rock and sports, and became strictly a Top-40 pop station thru 1993, broadcasting as "FM 100", "Hits 100", and "I-100". The station became known as "The Hitkicker," in 1993 broadcasting a country format until 1997 when they briefly became “Outlaw Country 100.3” followed by a classic hits format, known as “Eagle 100”. In 1998 they changed to an Adult Album Alternative format as "100.3 The River", which was later "98.7 The River" when the WOKI call letters moved to 98.7.[citation needed] The 100.3 frequency is now occupied by WNOX, whose talk radio format moved to WOKI July 19, 2010; on July 7, 2010 Oak Ridge FM announced plans for WNOX to stay news/talk but with different hosts.[4]
WOKI's tower, while on 100.3, was located on Cross Mountain[5](elevation 3534 ft.) north of Briceville, Tennessee, and accordingly, its signal could be received throughout east Tennessee as well as