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Laquesha Caldwell
English 101
May 18, 2015
A Peaceful Woman Explains Why She Carries a Gun As a woman and being vulnerable, you have to protect yourself or no one will. As an unarmed independent woman you feel less strong than a man who has power and strength. Three reasons that women should carry a gun is because you never know when you might need it, women are more independent, and gun permits are easier. You never know when you may need your gun when danger appears. A woman is never safe and locking the car doors and rolling up all the windows will never be enough. For example, there are altercations where woman could have been raped, beaten, or even murdered. There are many different reasons why every woman should protect their self at all times even if she has to carry a gun. A woman should not be scared to do things for herself or alone. I, as a woman should have every right to be treated like a human and not a toy. Independent women are definitely a target for men because they think women are easy and lack intelligence. Another altercation could be, for example, you’re in your car all alone you pull up to your house and you look around and see some men. All of a sudden, you feel uncomfortable. Now they are starting to stare and come toward you and they try to take advantage of you. One way to protect your self is to show them your gun so they could leave you alone. Gun permits are easier to acquire. It gives you a feeling where you think you’re a little more protected. You never know when trouble is aware. Getting a gun permit can be a good thing because you could learn how to use a gun the right way. You can always have it with you and use it when you absolutely need it. There are many different kinds of guns and an easy way to get them. To purchase a gun you would have to take a class and you would have to complete a firearm identification card or…