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Reading Responses
Religion 101
John. H. Walton “Understanding the Past”
1. The main idea expressed in this article is how history is viewed and perceived by contemporary western historians and ancient historians, and how one reads text. It elaborates on the different areas that are influenced by these groups such as, ancient historians see God (deity) in everything. Examples of this are: modern historians record things by looking in to the past, journaling, ect.) A problem in this article is that we change the way history is presented to ensure that the modern reader wants to engage in it and we individualize events rather then seeking a collection of sequences.
2.Pros - understanding how and why historians recorded history opens our eyes and minds to what is beyond only what is written on paper.
Cons - knowing the “why, and how” can skew our view and possibly taint our understanding.
3. After reading this article, it changed my perception on only reading one text to get information, rather to read more than one text, from more than one author, and position to help broaden and develop my knowledge on the topic.
Lawson Younger JR. “Context of scripture”
1. Biblical studies are becoming much more concerned with the reader, with this in mind often times the author is apathetic about history and true historical development. The Contextual method allows for a balanced approach as it both compares and contrasts. Keeping in mind when using this method it is important to remember to compare and evaluate parallel genres; that ancient text and interpretation be accurate; and to be aware of limits and outside influences.
2.Pros - by comparing and contrasting text we are much more likely to gain a firmer understanding of the text.
Cons – we have to be careful how far the