Reasons For Entering The Human Service Field

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Maria Maravilla
Iris Lynch
Elizabeth Hernandez

BSHS 305

Sheila Kirksey

The motivation for me entering the Human services field is I want to be able to help people. I have worked with autistic children, and now I work with the elderly. But I always wanted to focus on family and children to be more specific with migrant families. I came to this country when I was ten years old didn't speak any English and I remember how hard, and frightening it was to enter a school where I didn't know anyone. My parents didn't know which programs were available to us in order to make things easier for us. I would like to provide kids and their families the support that I wish I would have gotten when I enter school. Where to go if we don't have enough food, what after school programs were available after school to help me understand homework, and so on. Coming to a new country is frightening enough, and in my opinion there should be someone that could make the transition much easier for the kids and their families. (Maria Maravilla)

I chose the helping field for personal reasons. With assistance I have overcome several barriers due to family traditions, my environment and socio- economic status as a child. I went through substance abuse treatment in 1987. This experience gave me the opportunity to identify other problematic areas in my life. I went into treatment thinking my problems stemmed from the substance abuse but learned 10% of my problems were the substance abuse the other 90% was the addictive behavior, my obsession with my substance use and a lack of coping skills for handling life stressors. (Iris Lynch)

I think professionals choose to enter the helping field for several of reasons. I believe professionals have a desire to help people and are compassionate in what they want to do, they want to help people succeed and overcome obstacles they have come to face. Some professionals go into the helping field because they have been helped themselves in the past or either gone through an experience and did