Reasons for Global Warming Essay

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Growing up one of the first things we learn about in science class is global warming. How much we drive, how much light usage in our homes. Everyday life affects the outcome of the future existence on earth. We do harm by misusing our natural resources. Some scientists argue that volcanoes have some fault, but over the years volcanoes have been less active and global warming has increased. It is all explained by how we as humans live our life every day. The larger human population becomes the more we must watch our natural resource usage. Fossil fuel will one day not be available. If we continue living the way we have lived the weather will become unbearable for humans to continue life. Scientists have had various viewpoints of what is the direct cause to what the cause for global climate change the biggest cause viewed by many scientists is the greenhouse effect. Carbon Dioxide has been the main reason for greenhouse gasses. Solar lighting would help conserve energy by using a natural lighting instead of using electricity.
“In particular, the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil, which release carbon dioxide (CO2), the most common of the greenhouse gases after water vapor. The scientists hypothesized that adding more CO2 to the atmosphere could increase global temperatures and change climate. It was not until decades later, however, that scientific instrumentation advanced enough to determine that, in fact, atmospheric CO2 concentrations were increasing and that this was due almost entirely to human activities” (Turk, & Bensel, 2011)