Recess In Elementary Schools

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What are some necessities you think are important? Food, water, and shelter; but there’s one more thing I believe is also a necessity, which is a long recess for children. There may be someone that thinks recess is not necessary, but I think it is. I believe that recess in elementary schools should be longer than fifteen minutes because recess helps academically, not just physically, it provides exercise for you, and recess helps with social skills. One reason recess in elementary schools should be longer than fifteen minutes is because it helps academically, not only physically. Your grades will affect your life very strongly. It gets you chances for scholarships at colleges, or worthy careers. If you have recess, there are advantages you …show more content…
If you really think about it, you need lots of skills at your job. To add on, research shows that kids learn quicker than adults, so you might as well learn these social skills as a kid, instead of struggling with it when you are older. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that recess can give students a chance to practice the different character traits like sharing, perseverance, cooperation, and communication. These are very important to your life and if you are provided with a longer recess, you are most likely to get a healthier life. Also, recess gives situations for teamwork. A scenario could be freeze tag. One person might be telling the others the location of the tagger, while the others try to unfreeze frozen players. This trait is used at jobs, school, college, and in your career. You need to learn this at school, not at home, because you learn mostly at school, and this is essential. You probably won’t realize you are practicing them, but you are and they matter. It may seem unimportant at the beginning of your life when you are a kid, but it is vital to your career. Based on Pellegrini’s and Glickman’s research, “The playground during recess is one of the few places where today’s children can actively confront interpret and learn from meaningful social experiences.” To add on, recess can affect you and your career in another way. You might find one of your interests or hobbies like sports. You might decide you want to be a football, baseball, volleyball, or soccer player, or a