Reconstruction Failures

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Albert Aning
United States History Research Paper
Explain how the Civil War and the failures of Reconstruction caused the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. Was the civil rights movement a success?

One of the main causes of the Civil War was Slavery. Slaves were very important, especially the South. Slavery largely affected the economy of the South as it was a very great investment; Slaves were used to tend large plantations and performed cerebral duties as well as sold or rented to pay debts. Disputes where raised about the future of slavery which brought secessions within the Union and finally led to a Civil War. The Northern and Western States territories fought to preserve the Union whiles the South
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The Civil Right Act was signed by then president Lyndon B. Johnson. It discrimination based on a race, color, national origin, religious beliefs or sex. It also protected citizen’s right to vote, equal employment opportunities and the right to access public facilities.
This Act has had a great significant improvement in the lives of African Americans which includes: Tackles Segregation: African Americans can now visit any public places without being treated because of the color of the skin. Improved Participation in American politics: African Americans can now run for political office example is the formal president America Barrack Obama. And also tackling social and economic inequality. Now desegregated is over and the once ruling by the Supreme Court “the separate but equal” has been effectively overturned even though many states were very slow in making the changes. In conclusion, from the above, the absolution of slavery was one of the main factor which caused the Civil War. The War was worn by the Union but the South enforced legislations which promoted and supported segregation and white supremacy. White supremacy grew in the South even though it was a federal crime, until protested formed Civil Right Movement wh African Americans finally gained freedom still