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Recruiting for Labor
Jasmine Gause
MGMT335/Personnel and Organization Policy
Instructor Lillian Lynn

Recruiting for Labor When deciding to recruit for labor needs big companies follow processes that lead to successfully hiring individuals who possess the knowledge, skills and characteristics that will benefit the company. As an employee of National Auto Parts whom has been promoted to District Manager it is my task to select a candidate from within the organization to fill the position of manager being vacated by my promotion. In selecting a candidate the following criteria will be used to assess the position and to select the candidate; job analysis, organizational needs, and the cost and expenses associated with the onboarding of the new position. Each of the above mentioned are important to the process of selecting a candidate for labor needs.
In many organizations recruiting and selecting for labor needs can be through initial hiring or through promotion or hiring from internal candidates. Selection for promotion within an organization is similar to the process of initial hiring except that personnel hired from within calls for recruitment methods that include job posting on a company posting board or similar tool, in an organizations newsletter announcements, and on bulletin boards (Gatewood, Feild, and Barrick, 2011). One benefit of hiring from within is the familiarity of the candidates and their job performance. Being members of the organization means that information relevant in selecting a candidate is part of the member’s personnel files. This information includes “evaluations made during their selection into an initial job; performance reviews; and human resource records of attendance, compensation, and training completed, and so on” (Gatewood, Feild, and Barrick, 2011, p 5). This can be an advantage and a disadvantage. The advantage is in the fact that the candidates work behavior is known and can be used to determine the benefit of promoting the individual. The disadvantage is that it can result in a bias selection and can also mean that the organization has not considered the pool of candidates, external to the organization that may be more qualified to fill the position. Another advantage to promoting from within the organization is that it assists in maintaining employee morale. A disadvantage to hiring from within can also be a lack of qualified candidates.
The primary goal of any hiring process is to hire the right person for the job and in hindsight, this may be the most critical decision a manager has to make in relation to the success of the organization. Assessing the organizations needs is a step central to the hiring process. Understanding the organizations needs will enable the manager to determine the extent of the positions needs and whether there is a need to redesign the job description, as well as the cost associated with the hiring. This includes the hiring process and the expense of the new hires compensation and benefits package. Although the position to be filled at National Auto Parts is a position that has been in effect, a job analysis may present some changes to the present structure and functions of the position. A job analysis is a tool that has a diverse number of benefits that are important to an organization. A job analysis is an evaluation