Recruitment: Employment and Career Development Essay

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| Recruitment Program Career Development Marketing | | | 7/18/2013 | Recruitment | | Recruitment of a Career Development and marketing Officer: 1. Job description 2. Reviewing needs 3. Planning for selection 4. Assessing and selecting applicants 5. Induction of a successful candidate 6. Appointment and Induction 7. Appointment process of new employees |

Recruitment Program Career Development Marketing

Job Description

1. Title: Career Development and Marketing Officer
2. Responsible to: Manager
3. Lateral Contact with: Support Officers, Casual Staff, School Based Trainee, Bookkeeper, Admin Staff
4. Remuneration Package: * Salary As per employment contract * Payment Weekly by periodical payment * Superannuation 9%
5. General Duties:
* Client inquiries * Staff Room (roster system with other staff) * Skills sharing with other staff * Marketing to stakeholders * Monthly reporting * Daily flash report * Undertake identified projects * Undertake travel to regional areas * Assist with Grant Applications
Electronic Filing: * Workforce Development Centre/PFE * Midwest Jobseeker/ Joblink Midwest Recruitment
Workforce Development Centre: * Work towards meeting DTWD targets * Administer the Profit From Experience program for mature job-seekers * Registration of Clients including client action plan * Work experience placements * Update online CRM Client Database * Create and keep accurate electronic records for clients * Customer Service * Career Builder guidance to clients * Resume, Application, Selection Criteria production * Assisting with queries, job vacancies & career information * Assisting staff with Projects * Provide statistics to manager * Networking with stakeholders

Midwest Jobseeker: * Marketing to jobseekers and employers including potential advertisers * Job posting (shared daily) * Site improvements and development * Training of staff * Client Support * Assist with administration of the Midwest Jobseeker website
Joblink Midwest Recruitment: * Promotion of recruitment to employers * Undertake employer contract arrangement * Advertise positions * Review Job applications * Carry out recruitment of staff
6. Relationships and Authority * Reports directly to the Manager * Works with Support Officer(s) * Receives training from all lateral contacts.
7. Entry Qualifications and Experience * Education to Year 11 with passes in English and Mathematics. * Computer and keyboarding skills. * Good oral and written communication skills. * Current Driver’s License * Marketing and sales experience * Willing to undertake Cert IV Career Development and other qualifications as identified * Willing to obtain Police Clearance (Crim-Trac) & Working With Children Check

Reviewing Needs
Prior to commencing the recruitment process, the hiring manager reviews the need for the position taking into account: 1. The strategic and operational plans for the organisation 2. The budget for advertising, salary and on-costs, and potential funding sources 3. The current staffing structure and skill levels 4. The organisations targets for diverse staffing profiles across all levels; 5. The foreseeable changes which might impact on the organisation or the role.

Planning for selection 1. Type of person you are looking for * Person specifications * Person skills * Specific qualifications 2. Seek out new Employee * Advert in newspaper and magazines * Referral from other staff * Referrals from relatives * TAFE colleges * Employment agencies 3. Setup a schedule for interviews that allows 30 minutes per interview with a 20 minute break between interviews. 4. A clear, effective recruitment, selection and appointment