Reflection Of A Group

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My team was composed of, Nora Stallings, and Ashely Clark and myself. I feel that our group went through each of Tuckman’s stages. When we were assigned our group members Nora and myself immediately began emailing one another to determine what roles we were going to play in our team. I feel like our team suffered by storming, as we tried to get our third group member (Ashley Clark) to participate in this project, however she never really showed any interest in participation and failed to be an active member of our team. This caused some had feelings within the group. Once we were able to accept our roles, Nora and I worked really well together and it seemed as though our communication had become even stronger. Looking back, I realize this was our norm stage. Nora and I immediately began exchanging ideas and working on our power point presentation by setting up a phone date and several meetings to discuss our presentation on FranklinLive. I feel like this was the point in which we had a high focus on the task and really ahead of the game. Nora and I really continued to collaborate all of our ideas and became very effective during our perform stage. As a matter of fact, I think is when our best ideas surfaced. The last stage that I feel our team went through effectively was adjorn. Nora and I had accomplished our task and we were both happy with the outcome. Our goals and tasks were effective , efficient, and we complimented each other with a positive outcome.