Reflection Of A Personal Note On Computers In The Classroom

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The lesson

The day in my placement class starts off with the students entering the classroom before class begins and they start using the computers and continue working on their assignments. Ms.Mark then comes in and take a attendance through her iPad while the students still work. If it is a work period, then the students will work through the entire period. If it is a lesson period, Ms. Mark will lock the students computer and teach them the lesson(s).

The classroom is a Mac computer lab. Each students uses one computer. There are currently 23 students but only 21 computers, so some students have to share. There is a seating arrangement but due to low amount of computers, the students tend to move around to get a computer. There is no eating and drinking around the computers and the students follow the rules.

When Ms. Mark is teaching a lesson, she will repeat herself when she starts talking where students tend to not complete that part of the assignment properly. She will also makes joke about it "drives her up a wall", When the students don't listen and still mess up.

The students.

Not all of the students take part in in participation. When Ms. Mark is teaching and asks a question, only one student will answer all the questions and participate. Some students ask help from peers and myself while others won't ask and have difficulty. When the students do need help, they tend to ask me first before asking Ms. Mark. The students do interact with me a lot as they