Reflection On Reflective Practice

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Reflective practice is not an activity that occurs irregularly it is an ongoing process; it is not a physical task more of a state of mind. Reflection itself is an ongoing constituent of practice which enables practitioners to learn from experiences, it can provide ways to explore and communicate experiences that may have otherwise been difficult. (Bolton, 2010). There are many reasons why using reflective practice can be beneficial to sports practitioners but first it is important to understand how different models can provide a structure to reflective practice, some of which may be suitable for certain individuals and some may not. Gibbs’ (1988) cycle of reflection provides 6 steps to follow when engaging in reflective practice;
1) Description
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Reflection on practical experience
To conduct reflective practice of my own experience at the personal training / CrossFit gym I am going to engage in Gibbs’ Cycle (1988) for the reason that it is transparent and uncomplicated. For my first time actively using reflective practice, having a structure to follow will allow me to engage more efficiently in the process. I am first going to reflect on a situation that arose during an evening CrossFit class with 10 participants where I was assisting the head coach to deliver the session.
1. Description – During the class a participant asked me questions relating to the workout they were doing such as ‘which weight medicine ball should I use’ and ‘should I do single or double unders’ (skipping).
2. Feelings – This immediately made me feel slightly panicked and unsure what to respond or if I even had the competency to answer the