Reflective Practice Reflection

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In order to have success throughout many things in life, reflection is need to improve your performance. Reflection is when you are able to look back on your performance and determine the pros and the cons of your performance. In the physical therapy field, both the patient and the physical therapist must use reflective practice in order to reach the patients goal. The physical therapists have to reflect back on their performance and determine if they used the correct intervention for their patient’s conditions. Furthermore, the patients must reflect back on how they performed during their treatment and determine what they can do better during their next appointment.
In addition to reflection being essential in the physical Therapy field,
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I completed a personal learning style questionnaire in class shown in appendix A. First, I am a reflective learner. A reflective learner, such as myself, must thoroughly think through a concept before understanding it, thus taking me longer to study. Although more effort is placed into understanding a particular concept, once I do understand it, I am able to retain the information. Second, I am a sensory learner. A sensory learner has to relate concepts to real life situations in order to retain information. Notably, during a clinical rotation, me and my clinical instructor had a patient who had multiple sclerosis, consequently, during the time I was learning about it in my Clinical Medicine class. By having this patient, it helped put the condition in a better perspective, so that I was able to understand it in class. At the same time, this learning style can be a problem for me at times in the classroom setting, given that not all teachers give examples for certain concepts, therefore, in the future I will think outside of the box and learn to apply more of my personal experiences to …show more content…
In my practice, my learning style will help give patients a visual on how to do certain exercises and have the ability to apply the importance of the exercises to day to day activities. Although it is great to give patients a visual as it comes to learning techniques and exercises in the clinic, I must adapt to different learning styles due to my patients not learning the same way as I do. For example, during the teaching and learning experience with the medical students, I noticed that a few students did not seem as if they understood what I was teaching them, which could be related to their particular learning style. By me not knowing their learning style it leads to miscommunication between what I needed them to know and the information they received due to their learning