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Stephanie Hunt
Ms. Adamo
Opinion paper

In my honest opinion the whole protest was incredible. I never knew about the school or the protest until we learned about it in class. They had the right to protest for a president who was deaf and knew sign to communicate with the students and participate in events with the school. I was very shocked on how violent it got and how quickly it escalated. It was pretty powerful for me that Congress even got involve with the whole situation. I never excepted that but also I was very glad because the people got to raise theiur voice for what they wanted from others. Everything became nation wide which is incredible to me because I never excepted something like that to happen in a matter of one week. It is amazing that the school got what they wanted which was a dead president even though he did not do American Sign Language, just regular sign. Also the chairman resigned which gave them more than half of the committee was deaf and knew sign which is amazing. I believe that it is great that deaf got exactly what they wanted in such a little time like a week. It was a great and warm feeling seeing how proud and excited the deaf were when they reached their goals and got their wish. If I was in this situation I would act and feel the exact same way as they did. They have a right to have the same rights as a normal hearing person. A deaf person is normal and needs to be equal especially in a country who is all about equality and freedom.