Reflective Essay On Community Service

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For community service, I have helped out with Sunday School and Vacation Bible at Trinity Lutheran Church in Hicksville, New York. I not only help out with my church, but I have helped out with Big/Little Sisters at my school. Also I helped out with three library events that helped our community this past summer.
I am involved at my church in helping with Sunday School at Trinity Lutheran in Hicksville, since I was in sixth grade. There I do many things for an hour. I help children learn the bible. I help the teacher watch the students, look up bible passages, and take them to the bathroom. This has taught me how to be a teacher and help children. This shapes the way I learn about children, prepare to become a teacher, and learn how to strengthen
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As mentioned previously, faith is a huge part of my life. I attend church every week, and I help out with Sunday School, where I help children look up bible passages. I not only do that, but I help hand out papers as well. Also, in the summer, I help out with Vacation Bible School, where I help supervise the children’s activities. I also bring them to the restroom, distribute papers, and take attendance. At Vacation Bible School I help tell the parents if their child got hurt, hand out papers or hand the parents the students’ papers if they are carrying too much. This betters our community because if we are friendly, help people, and act kind, parents will be more likely to send their children to Sunday School or Vacation Bible School, and this helps the church to gain people to follow Jesus. Jesus doesn’t want us to force people however, it helps my church when we help and treat people with kindness, consequently getting one more person to come to church which makes God and Jesus