Relevance of Communication to Management Essay

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By Obasesam Usang Effiom
Ghana Christian University College
Accra - Ghana

State the Relevance of Communication to Management
SDM 201222101028
Ghana Christian University College
Lecturer: Gabriel Annan
Date: 15th April 2013
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Definition of Terms
Relevance of Communication to management

Communication is a vital part of personal life more so important in business and management, and any other situation where people encounter each other. Effective Communication is significant for managers in the organizations so as to perform the basic functions of management, i.e., Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. Communication helps
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Relevance of Communication to management
Like said earlier, Communication is a process of conveying meaning form one person to another. It includes any means or method by which one mind affects another. Therefore it is a very essential integration of management and here are some importance/relevance:
Basis of decision making:
The importance of communication arises from the fact that decision making functions largely depend upon effective and efficient of communication to and from decision center. The quality of decisions made in an org depends largely on the amount and quality of information available to the decision maker.
Basis to good external communication:
The importance of good internal communications also arises from the fact that they are now regarded as basis to good external ones. As organization must put its own house in order before it can speak convincingly to its public.
Basis for morale building:
An efficient system of communication also helps in morale building. It is a means by which a manger boosts his employees to work hard for attainment of its goals and objectives.
For Higher Productivity:
It has been proved that a definite relationship exists between communication and employee productivity. Employees work more efficiently and with greater job satisfaction when